Get ready to give a significant boost to your year 2024!

In this first quarter, we offer you an exclusive and totally free course, where The Bible will be our foundation. We recognize that our greatest aspiration is to place God in the first place during this year. Therefore, we will address personal, financial, emotional and family aspects, providing solid biblical principles that will accompany you throughout 2024, with the goal of placing Jesus at the center of your life

We are excited about what's to come. Stay connected to our social networks to access our course on Tuesday, January 23rd at 19:00 hrs, Mexico City time.

We invite you to be part of this transformative experience!

Our Course - The Bible as a Foundation

Discover fundamental biblical principles that will guide us to place Jesus at the top of our lives. What does the Bible teach about finances, emotional health, family and our intimate relationship with God?

Join this season of courses, a totally free experience that will mark the beginning of a transformative year.

We started the Tuesday, January 23rd at 19:00 hrs through Zoom.

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Why do we say that the Bible is the word of God?
How do I start reading my Bible?
3. How to read the whole Bible and not die trying?
4. How to listen to God's voice in the Bible reading?
5. Biblical principles for a successful life.
6. Biblical principles for a happy marriage.
7. Biblical principles for sound finances.
8. Biblical principles for personal healing.

This course will be completely free so there is no need to register.

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