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At Más Vida, children also have their space! God wants to speak to your children through super dynamic and fun Bible classes that we have prepared for you; set aside time this week and have fun together.

The Vida Kids Online Program

A gift to those around me

Hi Kids, it's Willie and Maggie again and we've come to say goodbye because we're leaving the Old West. We have prepared a special class for us to learn together that we are "A gift to those around me". Remember that our identity and everything we live close to God, can be a blessing to our friends, so don't miss the full video. We loved sharing with you this spectacular series. Be sure to watch our Vida Kids videos every week and see you next time!
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Prayer Requests

As parents, these days at home can be challenging, but they can also be an opportunity for our children to remember that we go through this time with peace, security and confidence.