Our Internship program is an experience designed to focus on your relationship with Jesus, develop your gifts and talents, deepen your understanding of God's plans and purposes for your life, and strengthen your identity as a child of God.

Through this program, you will also have the opportunity to discover in greater depth the call God has for your life by exploring the various areas of ministry in the church, empowering you as a high-level leader through opportunities and direct participation in the experience of doing church together.

The goal is for you to become a blessing to all those around you, taking the message of Jesus wherever He leads you.

You will experience an unforgettable year where you will explore the life and vision of our church MásVida, get to know the heart of our pastors and leaders, and understand the purpose of MásVida from a unique perspective of service. During this program, you will also immerse yourself in theological and practical issues and the essence of building a contemporary church committed to its work in the world.

Throughout this year you will attend classes, courses and trainings that will provide you with valuable tools for your growth, calling and life purpose, as well as strengthen your identity as a child of God.

You will live enriching experiences such as mission trips and practical activities that will strengthen your faith and personal convictions.